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Investing in security is rather like buying insurance. Everyone needs it, but it’s never at the top of the list or at the forefront of your mind – until something goes wrong. Yet it really is worth acting sooner rather than later. Here’s why.

Recently, one of our larger clients discovered that paving stones and other building and landscaping materials were going missing from their Pontefract site. We put a guard on site and last night the culprit was discovered. It was a neighbour who had decided to help himself to our client’s property and use it to renovate his garden. Our guard made himself known to the intruder from whom all materials have now been recovered (with a little help from the police).

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An incident waiting to happen?

This incident is one of dozens that take place every month. For many businesses – including some of our clients – it’s not until there’s an incident that they are prompted to act and find professional security.

That’s not the only route to professional security. Many clients come to us because, whilst they recognise the value of manned guarding, keyholder and other security services, they’re not happy with the way their existing provider is delivering them. Many more commission us because it’s a requirement of their insurer. Without professional security services, they may not be able to obtain cover, and certainly couldn’t obtain it for the same price.

But that leaves a significant number of clients who only choose a security provider once they have suffered a loss. Sometimes that loss is, by any standards, significant – running to tens of thousands of pounds. Sometimes, because the theft or damage is small and sporadic (like the above client’s gardening enthusiast), it’s only after repeated incidents that the effect becomes clear. Some clients never know the full extent of the loss they have suffered.

That’s why choosing a professional security partner sooner rather than later is always worthwhile. It guards against the big, one-off incident that shocks you into action. But it also prevents the small scale incidents you may never even notice, but cost you all the same.

Cutting the cost of professional security in North and West Yorkshire

Acting sooner is made so much easier by the fact that costs are low. Our keyholder service, for example, is just £1 a day per site, and just £40 for an alarm callout. Compare that with the cost of paying staff to attend alarms – plus the cost of a taxi, time off in lieu etc.

We can’t make arranging security exciting. And, like insurance, we can’t make it an expense you look forward to. But it is something that’s not only hugely worthwhile, but extremely affordable. Which is why 300+ clients protect their premises with us.

Arrange your alarm response, night security patrols and manned guarding with us now. Please contact us or call us on 0345 838 3400.

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SIA Approved Contractor
Acclaimed Security Ltd holds SIA approved contractor scheme status for the provision of security guarding services and key holding.

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CCAS Registered Company
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