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Here at Acclaimed Security, we are pleased to provide a comprehensive range of services for commercial security in Huddersfield and the surrounding areas. Our selection of services can be tailored to your needs, so rest assured that our team of fully trained and qualified security professionals can provide you with a suitable, affordable solution.

Key Holding & Alarm Response in Huddersfield

If you are looking for a company who can provide a trusted service for key holding in Huddersfield, we are here for you. Professional key holding can benefit your business by eliminating the need to allocate and manage internal key holders, and by ensuring that only professionally trained security personnel – such as ourselves – arrive at potentially dangerous scenes.

In addition to key holding, our team can also offer 24-hour alarm response in Huddersfield. Don’t present your employees with any risks by asking them to attend an alarm activation in the middle of the night, let our team be your keyholders and we can see to the alarm activation promptly and professionally on your behalf.

For more information about key holding and alarm response near you, call us today.

Key Holding Huddersfield

Acclaimed Security – The First Choice for Business Security in Huddersfield

Reliable Manned Guards in Huddersfield

At Acclaimed Security, we are pleased to offer manned guards in Huddersfield to complete a variety of duties to maintain general security and prevent crime. With experience of being deployed in a wide range of business environments, rest assured that our security guards have the skills and experience to effectively secure your commercial premises.

Services offered by our manned guards in Huddersfield include but are not limited to:  gatehouse security, construction site security, industrial estate security, retail security, and more. To discuss your options with our team of professionals, contact us via our website today.

SIA Door Supervisors in Huddersfield

As one of the leading security companies in Huddersfield, we can provide SIA-licensed door supervisors for your business, whether it’s a pub, nightclub, music venue or other business.

Our professional door supervisors can manage access to your business by checking ID and tickets, preventing intoxicated or violent individuals from entering the premises, and can even perform body patdowns to ensure no sharp objects are carried on their person. Bags can also be checked for similar forbidden objects. Having one or more door supervisors on site can reduce criminal activity and protect staff and patrons from violent behaviour of others. Experienced in restraining individuals, our door supervisors can also eject people from the premises and can keep an eye on the situation inside the building to prevent any disturbances being caused.

We can also provide door supervisors in Huddersfield to supermarkets to act as both a visual and active deterrent. Security guards in shops can apprehend shoplifters and prevent known thieves from entering the store, thus protecting staff and shoppers and reducing retail shrinkage.

It is recognised that having security in-store and having door supervisors can benefit businesses enormously through the well-being and safety of staff and with the reduction of loss in profits.

Security guards positioned at the front door of supermarkets can also manage CCTV to monitor suspected thieves throughout the store. Some larger stores may have CCTV in the back of the store which can be monitored by security officers who can liaise with the security guards on the shopfloor, an effective collaboration for any large business.

Dedicated Night Security in Huddersfield

Maintaining and enforcing your preferred security measures during normal working hours may be an easy task but ensuring that your commercial premises remains secure overnight can be more difficult without professional help. At Acclaimed Security, we offer a full range of options for night security in Huddersfield.

It’s no secret that crimes can be more prevalent at night, especially where theft is concerned. With this efficient night security service, you can rest assured that our SIA licensed guards will provide a reliable solution, rapidly responding and acting on any unusual activity on your premises and immediately alerting the police if there are any signs of criminal activity. For specialist, affordable night security in Huddersfield, contact our team directly to discuss your options.

Security Guards Huddersfield

Mobile Patrols in Huddersfield

As a cost-effective alternative to manned guarding, many businesses opt for mobile patrols in Huddersfield. A flexible option that can be personalised to meet your individual requirements, our fully trained security guards will carry out random visits to your premises at agreed intervals.

Mobile security patrols are a visual deterrent and protect your commercial sites against intruders, damage and other unwanted and/or criminal activity. Mobile patrols can quickly give you the peace of mind that – day or night – your business is safe from interference that could have a detrimental effect on your business.

Professional, reliable staff drawing on over a decade of experience.

Event Security in Huddersfield

It is imperative that events of all scales have the benefit of security to ensure that the event runs smoothly and arguably more importantly, is a safe place to be. At Acclaimed Security, we have the knowledge, resources and experience to offer effective event security in Huddersfield.

From crowd control, to managing attendees, to restricting off-limits areas, there are many tasks that can be performed quickly and safely by our team. You can rest assured that with our event security measures in place, guests will be kept safe and your event will run as it should be. For further details about event security in Huddersfield, complete our contact form below.

Security Huddersfield

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If you are looking for reputable, reliable security companies in Huddersfield, we are here for you. At Acclaimed Security, we can offer a complete range of security services that can be individually tailored to your specific needs. From key holding and alarm response, to night guards, to event security and more, we are here to help.

To obtain a quote for security services, or to discuss any of our security options in more detail, please feel free to get in touch today. You can reach the Acclaimed Security team directly by calling 01484 839212 or alternatively, complete our contact form below and a member of our team will contact you to discuss your enquiry.

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Acclaimed Security Ltd holds SIA approved contractor scheme status for the provision of security guarding services and key holding.

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