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If you’re looking for a high quality, market-leading security company in York to take care of all your commercial security, warehouse security, building site security, gatehouse security and industrial security requirements, Acclaimed Security is here for you. Our Yorkshire based team boasts the most professional and reputable security service throughout the region. Whatever your specific security needs, we can help.

Alarm Response & Key Holding Service in York

The safeguarding of your commercial property is at the very heart of what we do here at Acclaimed Security. We pride ourselves in offering 24-hour alarm response in York and surrounding areas, 7 days a week, all year round. Should an emergency arise, our skilled rapid response team will be on hand to ensure your premises are safe and secure; promptly dealing with any issues that may arise as per your specific instructions.

You can entrust the security of your premises to us by opting for our key holding service. Keep your own employees safe and choose our experts to take on this vital role for you. Your security is our responsibility so call us today for more information about our reliable, first class key holding service in York.

Security Company York

Our Services

Building Site Security York

Building sites are a heaven for thieves in York, with large amounts of materials, tools and machinery lying around the site, it is the perfect place for a thief. Without security these valuable goods are at risk of being damaged or even worse, stolen.

Acclaimed Security offers a specialist service specifically designed to provide you and your business with a reliable security solution that will hamper or deter any efforts of thieves and trespassers.

The benefits of having construction site security are:

  • Safer Enviroments for customers and staff
  • Loss Prevention
  • Stop unauthorised Access
  • Protect against damage and graffti
  • More responsive than CCTV

Warehouse Security York

Are you looking for a warehouse security company? Look no further. Acclaimed Security can help you monitor what and who goes in and out of your warehouse grounds.

Never worry about the stock going missing or unauthorised personnel entering the grounds of your warehouse again.

We offer out of hours security which can help prevent break-in and fires from breaking out on your warehouse ensuring a rapid response from our team of security professionals.

We can monitor all your security systems. You can be assured that the warehouse is fully secure at all times. We can even lock up and unlock the property for opening and closing hours.

Our warehouse security in York will offer you the best security possible.

Gatehouse Security York

We provide specialist gatehouse security services for a wide range of businesses in York. Our services are designed to help you secure your property and the benefits of hiring a gatehouse security officer are:

  • Secure Access Control
  • 24/7 Security
  • Health & Safety Benefits
  • Secure Vehicle Access and Egress
  • Weighbridge Control
  • Fire Marshal Duties
  • Visitor Registration Monitoring
  • CCTV Monitoring and Image Control
  • General Reception Duties

Industrial Security York

We ensure that your stock and vehicles are kept safe from theft at all times. Security and safety of your property should be at the forefront of your business to ensure the smooth running of the company.

Industrial estates are targeted by criminals because they have large amounts of high-value goods which are usually being prepared for transport or manufacturing. We at Acclaimed Security provide everything you need to safeguard your stock and manufactured goods.

Without security, your property will become a hot spot for criminal activity costing your business a lot of money.

Call Acclaimed Security today and have your property monitor with CCTV systems providing entrance and exit security. This type of security will help you gain better control who comes in and out of the industrial estate.


Security company in York providing peace of mind for commercial property owners

Providing Manned Guards in York

When looking for manned guards in York, it is not only important to appoint operatives that are fully qualified and insured, but also those who are committed and client focused. Our manned guards have a wealth of experience in both efficient security practises and also client support. We can assist any type of commercial business; both large and small, and we can guarantee your peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your site.

You can benefit from the added security of a manned guard straight away. To discuss your specific requirements for manned guards in York, contact us today!

Experienced Mobile Patrols in York

As a leader in commercial security, we understand that it is not always practical to invest in a static security guard service. A more economical and flexible solution is the option of mobile patrols. When an ‘around the clock’ guard is not required, mobile patrols can be very effective in preventing incidents of theft or vandalism and maintaining a vigilant presence for any would-be security threats. Our mobile patrol team are specifically skilled to deal with all and any security breaches that may occur under their watch. With many years of experience, they are well-placed to make your security their priority.

If your company is looking for mobile patrols in York and you would like more information and a tailored plan of how we can help, then get in touch today and our team of quality professionals will be happy to help.

Security Guards York

Protect Your Business With Night Security in York

Choosing a company to provide exceptional night security in York can be easy when you choose our experts at Acclaimed Security. With years of experience and a high level of integrity, our SIA-registered night security guards are ideal to take responsibility for your commercial property during the more vulnerable night time period.

Premises that are unoccupied or that are in a long or short term period of closure, can be particularly at risk of unauthorised entry attempts and vandalism. Our night security teams are fully insured and trained in delivering a fast response in the prevention and detection of crime.

Professional, reliable security guards in York with over a decade of experience.

For Specialist Security Services in York, Contact Acclaimed Security Today

When considering what level of security your commercial business requires and what company is best suited to your needs, look no further than our unrivalled team of security professionals at Acclaimed Security. Finding a suitable security company in York can be a daunting task, so let us step in and demonstrate our world class customer service.

Our services include: warehouse security, building site security, gatehouse security and industrial security in York and beyond.

Whether you are in need of manned guards or simply a key holding and alarm response service, we are here for you. Our team are waiting for your call and will be able to review all your security requirements whilst building a specific package that ensures that your commercial property is secure.

Here at Acclaimed Security, our specialist team are here to help. For more information on how we can work for you, contact us on 01904 565521 or reach our team by email at info@acclaimed-security.com.

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