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Some businesses are still attending their own alarm callouts. When you consider the risk and the extremely low cost of a professional, licensed security alternative, it’s difficult to see why, says Acclaimed Security’s Richard McElroy.

It’s 2.13am on Saturday morning. The alarm at your business premises has gone off and the alarm company has rung you. Blearily, you stumble to the car, hoping the couple of drinks you had last night haven’t left you over the limit.

On your way into work, you run over a few possible scenarios:

  • It’s a false alarm. In which case, you’re up at a ridiculous time on Sunday morning for no apparent reason. And if it’s a frustrating, intermittent fault, you may be repeating this journey next week.
  • It’s a genuine call, but what if you arrive before the police do? Given this is the early hours of Sunday and your alarm activation is low on their list of priorities, what if they don’t come at all?
  • It’s a genuine call, the intruders are armed and you’re about to put yourself in harm’s way.

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They’re all genuine worries, and in some ways those worries are even more pronounced when another member of your staff is the keyholder. You’d be worried if you were the one on alarm duty. But you’d be doubly worried about one of your staff getting injured, and who would be liable if they did.

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What are the benefits of alarm response services?

Alarm services help you sleep easy (literally and metaphorically).

  • The alarm company calls us, not you – so you won’t be bothered at first instance, and we’ll only contact you based on your wishes (see below).
  • We respond quickly. As we have several mobile response vehicles working throughout the area every night, chances are we’d be able to get there faster than you could.
  • All mobile response officers are Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed security personnel who are trained to deal with security incidents like these and do so regularly. In our experience, that’s frequently not the case for keyholders whose training (assuming they’ve had any) can often be out of date and hazy.
  • False alarm? Your alarm can be reset and the building resecured without disturbing your sleep.
  • Intruder? We liaise with the police and arrange contractors to attend site to secure broken doors and windows. If you wish, we’ll contact you at this point to update you. However, as there’s often very little you can practically do until the morning, if you prefer, we can contact you then with a detailed incident report.

How much do keyholder and alarm response services cost?

Our keyholding service costs just £1 per day. If we need to attend an alarm activation there is a £40 callout charge which includes the first 30 minutes of time onsite. That’s usually sufficient to resolve a false alarm. Where additional time is required (where, for example, the alarm is genuine and we need to wait for police or contractors to arrive on site) you’ll be charged £10 per each additional 15 minute period.

Where do you operate?

Acclaimed Security operates across West & North Yorkshire providing keyholder and alarm response services to businesses in Leeds, Bradford, York and the surrounding areas.

How do we arrange keyholder and alarm services?

Contact us now or call us on 0345 838 3400. We will carry out a site survey and collect a set of keys for your premises. And you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

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Acclaimed Security Ltd holds SIA approved contractor scheme status for the provision of security guarding services and key holding.

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CCAS Registered Company
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