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School Security Guards in Leeds & West Yorkshire

Hire a SIA-licensed School security guards with Acclaimed Security

School Security Leeds

Acclaimed Security provides School security services to help protect its students from whatever issues may arise. Our security guards can help you secure the school grounds and ensure that no trespassers are walking freely around the grounds preventing attacks on students or teachers.

We can offer security for school events such as discos, sports days and more. Keeping crowds within the areas they’re permitted and ensuring that any trouble is dealt with in a professional manner.

With school security, you can put your mind at ease and reassure students and parents that their children are going to a safe environment that is protected and can deal with problems effectively when they arise.

There are many types of school we can offer security to such as:

Primary School – Primary schools won’t always need security, but they may require it for a small event where a large crowd may gather such as school events. It also may be required that the school grounds need to be secured at night.

High School – High schools, especially with large amounts of pupils and large grounds, can sometimes require security to help them control the flow of student and prevent any issues from arising between students themselves. They might also want to protect their premises at night to prevent trespassers, fires and event damages from occurring at night.

Colleges – Acclaimed security and provide your security solution for colleges with a large number of pupils leaving and entering the college at varied times it can be hard to monitor the grounds alone. It may be required that you need night security services to protect the building from damages or fires from occurring.

Universities – If you’re looking for a security company to deal with the security of your university, we can provide all the solutions you require to keep your university and its pupils safe at all times.

School Security Guards Leeds, West Yorkshire

Providing peace of mind to Schools across Yorkshire.

The benefits of having 24/7 security for your school, college or university is that you can ensure that your building and pupils are protected at all times by providing them with a reliable and professional security solution which will prevent:

  • Fights
  • Trespassers
  • Fires
  • Break-ins
  • Damage to property
  • And more
School Security Guards Leeds
School Security Guards Leeds, West Yorkshire

Professional, reliable staff drawing on over a decade of experience.

Acclaimed Security manned guards carry out many duties including: –

  • Providing access control of sites or premises
  • Checking identification of person(s) entering and leaving premises
  • Monitoring and responding to CCTV
  • Handling ‘out-of-hours’ telephone calls
  • Locking and unlocking of premises
  • Security patrols of sites and grounds
School Security Guards Leeds, West Yorkshire

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    Acclaimed Security Ltd holds SIA approved contractor scheme status for the provision of security guarding services and key holding.

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    CCAS Registered Company
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