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Event Security Guards in Leeds

Event security is a vital part of the organisation of events without security. The event could quickly become overrun, and unwanted people could enter the event grounds.

It is also used for crowd control and to ensure no people can access the off-limits sections of the event to keep performers and VIP guests safe.

Having a quality security company at your event can reassure your guests and make them feel more relaxed in a busy environment. Without event security, your event could quickly become out of control, leaving your guests feeling uneasy in an unmanaged environment.

An unmanaged environment will cause the early closing of your event.

Event Security in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Providing peace of mind to commercial properties across Yorkshire.

What are The Benefits of Event Security?

There are many things in which event security can help you organise your event better, here is a list of things event security can help you with:

  • Prevent unauthorised access.
  • Maintaining Crowd Control.
  • Helping you meet venue requirements.
  • Safely Escort guest to their vehicles.
  • They help make your guests feel more secure/safe.
  • Any criminal activity or accidents are dealt with accordingly.
  • Security deter crimes and theft from happening.
Hire Event Security Services in Leeds
Event Security Guards West Yorkshire

Professional, reliable staff drawing on over a decade of experience.

Event Guards in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Music Festival Event Security

With a music festival event security, you can put your mind at ease knowing a professional team of security guards who manage the crowds effectively.

Security guards ensure that the crowds stay organised, and no unauthorised guests can enter the event grounds without a valid ticket.

A music festival needs an experienced security team who ensure that the visitors are safe but also ensure that the permisses are secure.

Ensuring the safety of the visitors is our top priority.

Any issues with people within the crowd, our team knows how to handle the situation with professionalism.

Transport Festival Event Security

Transport festival event security provides its visitors with a safe environment. Our security guards can handle the on-site security as well as the approval of entry onto the site for ticket holders.

We ensure that the safety of staff and visitors is our top priority at all times, any disturbances are dealt with professionally and effectively to ensure that no distress impact other visitors of the festival.

All our event security are fully qualified SIA officers who pride themselves on offering the best services possible to our customers.

Event Guards in Leeds, West Yorkshire
Event Guards in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Food Festival Event Security

Food festivals are a place where people go to try out a wide variety of foods, having security at your festival ensures that your visitors are kept safe.

Our SIA approved officers monitor entrances to the backstages of the venue so that no unauthorised personnel can enter the backstages of the festival to keep working staff safe from intrusions.

All our security personnel is SIA approved. Security guards provide a haven for visitors and ensure that no harm comes to the visitors and marshals of the event.

Farmers Festival Event Security

If you’re organising the event security for a farmers festival, then look no further than Acclaimed Security.

We ensure that the animals, visitors, and marshalls of the event are in safe hands. Animal festivals have livestock competing against one another, and they must also be kept safe.

Our services can ensure festival grounds are secure and ensure that the transport of livestock is controlled and ensure that all visitors are complying with the regulations of the site.

If there are any problems on the site, our team will handle the situation professionally and will keep the event organiser informed at all times.

Event Guards in Leeds, West Yorkshire
Event Guards in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Steam Engine Festival Security

If you’re organising a steam engine festival, you need security to help you control the flow of machinery and keep your visitors within the communal areas of the festival. Our team of security guards can help you organise the festival so that everything runs smoothly.

Our security officers can help you control visitors at your festival, and we can help with ticket checking and ensuring that no one is attempting to access the venue with an invalid ticket, including fence jumpers.

Contact Acclaimed Security for Event Security

If you have an upcoming event and haven’t yet chosen a security company to handle the event, then give acclaimed security a call, we’re experts in the organisation of events and crowd control, and we can help you keep your guest safe. All guards are SIA approved.

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Event Guards in Leeds, West Yorkshire
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Acclaimed Security Ltd holds SIA approved contractor scheme status for the provision of security guarding services and key holding.

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CCAS Registered Company
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