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Whilst we go to great lengths protecting our homes from intruders, ensuring our commercial properties receive the same level of protection rarely warrants similar attention.

However, it is here where burglars could cause the most financial damage. If a criminal knows your business property could potentially house a wide range of valuables, they are more likely to target it than they are your home. After all – it is likely to be left unoccupied overnight. Updating your security system and ensuring you seek the best security solutions for your property will help to deter and prevent criminals from making off with your belongings, but knowing what they’re looking for in the first place could help too. Here are eight items burglars are on the hunt for when they break into your commercial property…


Laptops, desktop computers and tablets are all valuable and easy for criminals to sell on to others. Whether they plan to break them down for parts or delete the data in order to resell them as new, these are items criminals will most certainly be looking out for.


If you have a fleet of expensive cars parked outside, if you own other properties in the area or even keep certain valuables in a locked safe, criminals will be searching for keys. More often than not, criminals will steal keys with the intention to come back another time and help themselves to more.


If criminals get hold of your previous bank statements, invoices or other documents bearing account details, they could easily hack into your bank accounts and start taking your money. You must always shred your sensitive documents or keep them in a locked filing cabinet.

Mobile phones

Companies will often provide their employees with mobile phones for business purposes. These are then left in the office for use during business hours. Criminals will have no problem selling a mobile phone, so encourage your employees to take them home with them or lock them up after hours.


If you are in the retail industry, burglars will be keen to steal your stock – particularly if they can see it on display through a shop window and thus estimate its worth. Security cameras and shutters should help to deter criminals from targeting your business, as could simply keeping stock out of sight.


We’re not suggesting that criminals are after your pens and pencils, but rather the office stationery items that are a little more expensive – such as printer ink and computer peripherals. Companies will often buy these supplies in bulk, and criminals know this. Ensure you keep yours in a locked cupboard.


If criminals see cars on the company lot and notice they are left there overnight, they will be tempted to come back when everybody has gone home to help themselves to the keys or otherwise try to break into them. Criminals will often use cars to commit other crimes, and occasionally try to sell them on for cash. If you can, park your cars out of sight.


Cash left in tills, safes or even on desks is just an invitation for criminals to come along and help themselves. No cash should be left in your business property overnight – it should always be locked in a safe or taken home with you.

If you’re worried about the security of your commercial property or would like further advice on how to protect your business from criminals, get in touch with the team at Acclaimed Security today and we’ll advise you on the best security solutions for your commercial property.

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