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Whether you live in a burglary hotspot or in what seems like a peaceful suburb, the physical security of your business premises must be one of your main priorities. When so much is at risk, it’s only wise to take steps to protect it.

Many businesses fail to realise the effect that theft can have. Even if you’ve got a thorough insurance policy in place, it may not be enough to allow you to recoup the value of the stolen goods, and the interim disruption could prove to be extremely detrimental. Acclaimed Security is a security company in Leeds, and we’ve helped hundreds of business keep their property safe from intruders. All too often we’ve encountered companies that rely on outdated security practices and commit all too common security blunders. Here are just a few critical security mistakes that you could be making….

Lack of procedures

When you establish a business or move premises, you should draw up a series of thorough security procedures. These procedures should inform employees of how to prevent security breaches and notify them of whom they should contact if they discover a breach. Employees should be familiar with these procedures to ensure swift communication with the relevant parties in the event of a theft or other security breach. Companies too often rely on an ad hoc approach to thefts and vandalism, meaning that responses are sluggish and the effects of the breach are likely to be larger than if procedures had been put in place.

Not identifying the risks

No security solution is complete unless it takes into account the precise nature and situation of the premises. If your security company has failed to consider your individual circumstances, look elsewhere. Discuss the nature of the risks with your security company. Where would intruders look to enter the property? Where are valuables stored? Which locks are outdated? What would be the most effective security solutions?

Failing to update and review

If you haven’t recently reviewed your security it’s probably outdated and ineffective. Over time, as your business changes, technology advances, and your physical security deteriorates, so too does your company’s vulnerability to theft. Carry out regular reviews of your security – not just as a knee jerk response to any security breaches, but every 6 months – regardless of whether your security has been compromised. You may find that more cost-effective services and technologies have launched on the market, enabling you to strengthen your security at a reasonable price.

Assume CCTV is enough

CCTV might act as a deterrent to opportunistic thieves, but more seasoned criminals will be well aware that CCTV has its problems. It is impossible (or extremely expensive) to cover every corner of your property with cameras, and their footage cannot always be monitored 24/7. An alarm system is far more likely to deter criminals and also catch them in the act.

If you’re in Leeds or West Yorkshire, Acclaimed Security can provide your business with reliable and professional security solutions, including SIA accredited manned guarding, keyholding and alarmed response. Contact us now to learn more.

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Acclaimed Security Ltd holds SIA approved contractor scheme status for the provision of security guarding services and key holding.

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