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Popular culture has trained us to think that the best security guards are built like Mr T., and that it’s always the guards in less than peak physical condition that are caught out by the crooks. While there may be some truth in this portrayal of security guards, in reality there’s far more to security guards than brawn alone. If you’re looking for a security guard in Leeds or West Yorkshire to protect your property, Acclaimed Security is probably the best place to start. We hire out security guards to Leeds-based companies, only accepting the top candidates into our register. What do we look for in a security guard? This list of qualities is a good place to start…


An obvious one to start with – there’s no chance you’d trust an untrained security guard with your premises’ security. Training mentally and physically prepares a security guard for many of the common situations they’ll face when out on duty. Not only does this provide guards with the knowledge of how to react to challenges that face them, it also gives them the confidence to tackle whatever the job throws at them.


Physical fitness isn’t the only attribute that a security guard needs, but it’s clearly important. What’s the point in having a guard on site if any intruders will be able to outrun them? In addition, if the situation deteriorates into a physical struggle, a security guard must have the strength to gain the upper hand and prevent anyone from being seriously injured.


If you’re putting someone in charge of the security of your commercial property, you must be able to trust them. Honesty is an integral component of this trust. Giving the keys of your property to a security guard who you haven’t yet built up a relationship with is a daunting step, but an honest, open security guard should alleviate many of the concerns you have about such an arrangement. If you think your security guard is less than honest, why are you still paying them?

Quick thinking

The majority of your guard’s shifts are unlikely to present any noticeable security threats for them to deal with. Instead, they’ll simply have to patrol the premises for hours on end. An excellent security guard will remain sharp even after hours of patrolling and should be able to react quickly to any security concerns that may arise.

Local knowledge

Knowledge of the local area and its main crime threats are important tools for a security guard to have. Awareness of these issues will ensure the guard is on the lookout for likely security threats, and will be able to counter them with greater confidence and speed than a guard with no local knowledge.

Overall, you must be able to trust that your security guard can cope with intruders and the security threats they pose. If you’re unsure that your current guard is patrolling efficiently, Acclaimed Security’s GuardSafe system will put your mind at rest. GuardSafe is a clever tool that lets you check that your guard is patrolling thoroughly. If you run a business in Leeds or West Yorkshire and you’d like to update your manned guarding solutions, speak to Acclaimed Security – we’ll discuss your needs and set you up with a SIA-accredited guard as quickly as we can.

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Acclaimed Security Ltd holds SIA approved contractor scheme status for the provision of security guarding services and key holding.

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