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Picture the scene: it’s nighttime, the working day is finished and you’ve returned home to eat dinner and spend the evening with your partner. But something’s wrong – you’ve forgotten your work laptop or a valuable document and must return to the office to retrieve it. You reluctantly pull on your coat, hop into your car and drive back to work, but the lock on the front gate has been forced and you can hear voices from within. It’s pretty obvious that there’s been a break-in at your business, and you’re now left with a number of options regarding how you should proceed. What should you do? Take a look at your choices, and how our Leeds-based security solutions can help to keep you safe in future.

a) Confront the intruder

Thieves or vandals have broken into your business, and now your livelihood is at stake. Are you going to sit back and let them compromise your property? Unlikely. You could confront them, hopefully scaring them off and preventing them from doing any further damage or taking any of your property. In reality, however, this would be a bad move. Thieves and vandals prefer to operate in secrecy, but this doesn’t mean that your presence will be enough to scare them off. It’s just as likely that they’ll respond aggressively, putting your personal safety at risk – particularly if there’s more than one intruder present. The last thing you should do is confront an intruder on your property alone.

b) Run away

If criminals are so potentially dangerous, perhaps you should get out of there as soon as possible if you spot one on your property? If you’ve spotted an intruder and they know you’ve seen them, maybe the best thing you could do would be to get out of there before they come after you, drive back home and assess the damage in the morning. If you can’t get off the property without passing them, perhaps you could even hide until they’re gone and simply pray they don’t look for you? Certainly, avoiding confrontation is far safer than approaching the criminals yourself, but you’ll hardly be doing right by your business by failing to prevent the crime from taking place.

c) Call the police

Clearly, you ought to call the police whenever an intruder sets foot on your business property. Once you’re sure that your business has been broken into, take yourself out of harm’s way and call the authorities – if you’re lucky, they’ll respond in time to either apprehend the criminals in the act and thus save your property, or otherwise drive them away and give you a chance to recover any stolen goods. There’s no guarantee that the police will be able to catch any thieves if they leave before the authorities arrive, however, and your chances of recovering any stolen goods will be slim. Regardless of how swift the police response, a successful break-in will cost your business – be it in damaged property, stolen goods or lost trade.

d) Leave it to someone else

You could, of course, leave the problem of responding to an intruder to someone else. There are numerous security services available to help deter thieves and other criminals from attacking your business premises, and of course prevention is far more successful than the cure when it comes to business crime. Here at Acclaimed Security, we provide manned guarding services to help protect businesses across Leeds, West Yorkshire and beyond. With your own security guard in place, you’ll have an individual on hand to respond to any break-ins or suspicious individuals so you won’t have to, helping to prevent crime and saving you from having to make any of the difficult decisions listed above. If you’d like to protect your business assets from harm this year, why not give us a call today and find out more about the security services we have to offer?

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Acclaimed Security Ltd holds SIA approved contractor scheme status for the provision of security guarding services and key holding.

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CCAS Registered Company
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