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What security systems do you have in place to ensure your business is sufficiently protected from thieves and trespassers? Security should be your number one priority if you are keen to increase the safety of your company and your employees. A break-in or security breach can be extremely harmful to your business, so it is worth investing in the best local security solutions available to make sure that doesn’t happen. As a security company in Bradford with over a decade of experience in the industry we’ve worked with many clients in the retail sector – an area of business that faces many unique security risks. For such clients we offer a combination of solutions along with some top security tips to help keep thieves out…

Keep lights on

Most shop fronts are well lit in order to better showcase their products and to encourage passing trade to look into the window, but with your goods on display, aren’t you just encouraging thieves, too? We spend a great deal of time telling our clients to make sure their valuables are kept out of sight, but when it comes to those in the retail business, we understand that this is not always an option. Instead, we suggest ensuring the entire premise always remains well lit, including all exits, entrances and the shop floor. This will help anyone notice anything untoward going on in the shop after hours.

Greet customers

As customers come through the door during the day they should be greeted by a member of staff, so that any potential shoplifters can see that staff are present on the shop floor and always watching. Should you think anyone is acting suspiciously, a staff member should approach the customer and ask if they require any help. This will make genuine customers feel appreciated while making thieves feel as though they are being watched under a careful eye. Consider employing a professional security guard on the door of your shop to increase the visible security presence and take the burden of confronting shoplifters off your shop floor staff.

Don’t get distracted

Thieves are often experts when it comes to creating a distraction or diversion that enables them to carry out their crime discretely, which is why it is important that you have enough members of staff working to ensure someone is always available to keep an eye on the shop floor. Those working at the tills should not allow themselves to get distracted by a customer making a complaint or enquiry – there should always be someone else available they can refer customers to, allowing them to continue their job and focus on what they are doing and who they are serving.

Make security measures known

At Acclaimed Security, we believe that security measures can be an extremely effective deterrent to criminals, which is why we recommend advertising the fact you have security in place. A simple notice in the window will let your customers know they are on camera or are being watched by a professional security guard the moment they enter the shop, and just how quickly security officers can be on the scene should the shop alarm be activated. This ought to help put criminals off attempting to break into your shop, but should they do so anyway, you can rest assured that thanks to your key holding and alarmed response service, security guards will be there in moments, having already alerted the police.

Due to the fact that retail businesses must advertise their stock and have it on display at all times, they are unfortunately at a bigger risk of falling victim to criminals, so it’s best to ensure that security measures are in place to help prevent break-ins or at least catch any thieves who attempt to steal from your property. If you’re interested in the Leeds security services Acclaimed Security can provide, get in touch with the team today and we can discuss your needs in further detail.

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CCAS Registered Company
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