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The term tiger kidnapping has been used for around thirty years, but during our decade’s experience as a security company in Leeds, we’ve found that many businesses are unaware of the threat of tiger kidnapping and are unsure of how to deal with it. Over recent years, it’s made something of a resurgence, as it effectively allows for an indirect method of robbery – giving criminals access to cash and other valuables in buildings that would normally be extremely risky to break into. In this article, we’ll examine what the practice entails, and, most importantly, how you can protect your business from tiger kidnapping in future.


What is tiger kidnapping?

Tiger kidnapping essentially involves two crimes in one, but ultimately aims to make robbery an easier task to perform. First, the criminals kidnap an employee’s family member. They then make contact with the employee, and demand that they carry out a second crime – usually robbery of the employee’s business. In the past, tiger kidnapping had even been used as a way of forcing innocent people to plant bombs and commit murder. While the most common form of tiger kidnapping that we see today might not be as harmful it still threatens a business, and of course, is an extremely stressful and traumatic experience for the victims.


How to stop it

Tiger kidnapping can be countered by implementing new methods of physical security, in addition to changing security practices and procedures at your business. Tiger kidnapping got its name because the criminals stalk potential victims well in advance of the crime. That means that if you’re aware of the signs, you can take steps to prevent the actual crime from occurring.


Upgrading your security

Ensure that safes, vaults and other areas of your business that contain funds can only be accessed by two keyholders simultaneously. Tiger kidnapping relies on isolating and threatening a single employee – if more than one employee needs to be threatened to carry out the crime, that means more kidnapping, which means more risk. Furthermore, take steps to reduce your company’s holding of cash and other valuables. A stringent keyholding system will ensure that you’re aware of whoever accesses storage areas at all times. Ensure that no employee has access to significant amounts of cash and valuables so that they don’t represent a tempting target for criminals.


Spotting the signs

If you witness any suspicious behaviour from unknown callers or visitors, whether at work or at home, it should be reported immediately. If a kidnap does occur, the success of a tiger kidnapping solely relies on the employee being too scared to call the police. However, the police aren’t going to brashly walk into a hostage situation – they’ve been trained to deal with them carefully and sensitively, with the hostage’s safety of paramount importance.


The overriding message here is to be vigilant. Tiger kidnapping may be able to bypass many of your usual security solutions, but control over your keyholders may be vital in preventing a crime or bringing the culprits to justice. If you run a Leeds or West Yorkshire business and are in need of a local security company to help protect you from tiger kidnapping, speak to Acclaimed Security now.


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