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As a Leeds security firm with over a decade of experience, we at Acclaimed Security boast some of the highest SIA accreditations and use the most innovative and effective security solutions in the industry, ensuring that all of our clients can have peace of mind and protect their properties as best they can. A number of our clients have turned to us after their outdated or flimsy security solutions have failed them, leaving them to deal with terrible consequences as a result. When your security is breached and your property is taken or tampered with there are a number of steps you must follow. Here, we outline what you should do next after your business security has failed you…

Assess the situation

If you have just discovered that your property has been broken into you must quickly determine whether or not the intruders are still there. As soon as you spot broken glass on the floor or another sign that someone has entered your property unlawfully you should consider the fact that they could still be there and leave your property at once. Once you’ve left the premises, make your phone call to the police from a safe distance. You should not try to confront the trespassers or make your way in to investigate the situation further – you could be putting yourself at risk – and you should avoid touching anything, disturbing the scene as little as possible.

Take necessary precautions

Once you have contacted the police and they have gathered the information they need from your property, you should contact your bank and credit card companies to warn them that your property has been broken into and that your cards and other important data likely stolen. This will not only save you from having any more money stolen, but could also help to catch the criminals, should they try to use your credit card in the next couple of days. You should also change all of the locks to your property immediately, whether they have been damaged or not, as spare keys may have been stolen too.

List stolen or damaged items

In order for the police to help you find or repair stolen or damaged property you will need to create a list, giving as much detail as you can to each item that you think has been damaged or stolen. It might help for you to walk from room to room to ensure you remember everything. The more detail you can give, the more likely the police are to be able to return your property to you. You will also need to provide your insurance company with the list alongside the unique reference number given to you by the police, so that you can claim your insurance and start rebuilding your property.

Re-evaluate your security measures

One of the reasons that our clients turn to us is because the business security they had in place did not work effectively in the first place. When your property has been broken into it is important that you determine why and how. Did you have expensive items on display that could have encouraged a criminal to target your property? Was the security camera you had in place obviously old or damaged? Somewhere, your security has let you down and you need to know why. Whether it’s because your security system was not acting as enough of a deterrent or because it simply was not effective – i.e. lack of manned guarding or alarms not working in certain areas – you need to consider making the necessary changes.

At Acclaimed Security, we provide a range of effective and reliable security solutions that can both act as excellent deterrents and protect your property against attempted burglary. You might think it necessary to have a guard patrolling your property when you’re not there, or a mobile patrol capable of accessing the area at all times. Either way, it is always wise to have a team on standby to respond to your alarms at all hours. If you’re interested in any of the service we provide, contact the team today and let’s discuss how best to secure your property

SIA Approved Contractor
Acclaimed Security Ltd holds SIA approved contractor scheme status for the provision of security guarding services and key holding.

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CCAS Registered Company
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