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We’re a security company in Leeds with over a decade of experience in preventing businesses across Yorkshire from being burgled. We know how thieves think. Sure, a decoy alarm box might put off an opportunistic thief, but a slightly more organised burglar will see right through the ruse and waste no time in choosing the right moment to engineer an attack. However, if you have a reliable and up-to-date security system in place, things may go a little differently. Here, we paint two very different pictures about the fate of your property when a theft goes ahead: one scenario where you’re relying on an outdated security system (or nothing at all!) and a second scenario where you’ll have a Leeds security firm such as Acclaimed Security on your side…

Setting the scene

It’s a cold spring night at about 11 o’clock, and a group of thieves have decided that they’re going to try and carry out a business theft. Everyone’s home from work and the businesses lie empty – so they’re looking for an office or business premises to target. Your business is just out of town, away from the bustling inner city nightlife. There are streetlights, but several of them are broken. The roads are quiet, and the pavements are empty. The group of thieves reaches your business and takes a good look at what they’re faced with.

Scenario 1: insufficient security

The group take a look at the flimsy fence in front of them. There’s a gate but the lock is rusty and clearly hasn’t been looked after. Beyond the fence, they see a burglar alarm attached to the outside of the property, but one of the thieves recognises that the company name on it is a security company that went out of business nearly a decade ago. There’s a single CCTV camera covering the front entrance to the property, but not much else. A light’s been left on inside the property, and it shows several laptops lying on a series of desks in the front room of the business.

Taking a final glance to check the coast is clear, the burglars snip through the fence. One member of the group is even able to slip underneath by tugging at the flimsy wires. Leaving one member of the group behind to keep watch, the two other thieves scout around the property, looking for a way in. It doesn’t take long for them to realise that all the doors and windows are securely locked, but it doesn’t matter – there’s no active security in place, so they can smash their way in.

The thieves enter the property and quickly comb the place for valuables. They grab the laptops they saw from outside, but don’t find any cash. The laptops are probably worth over a grand, so they can still count the trip as a success. The thieves escape and leave without being challenged by anyone. The following morning, the business owner is left to tally up the damages and wonder whether the insurer will pay out on an unsecured property…

Scenario 2: Acclaimed Security

This story’s much shorter. The business is prepared for the threat of burglars. They have a new burglar alarm in place, as well as a guard who varies his patrol route thanks to our Guardsafe system. The thieves watch the premises from the other side of the road, trying to look for a gap they could exploit, but the guard has everything covered. One member of the group suggests attempting to distract the guard, but his colleague points out the new alarms on the doors and windows and suggests it might be difficult to get in at all. The thieves are smart – they know that the security guard is no slouch, and the alarm system suggests that a response team could be on site in minutes if the system is tripped. They leave just as the guard begins to become suspicious, before searching for an easier target.

Which scenario will you face if burglars target your business? We’re one of the few SIA accredited security companies in Leeds, renowned for our professional, reliable manned guarding, key holding and alarmed response services. Contact us now if you’d like to learn more about the security solutions we can offer your business.


SIA Approved Contractor
Acclaimed Security Ltd holds SIA approved contractor scheme status for the provision of security guarding services and key holding.

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CCAS Registered Company
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