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We’re an experienced West Yorkshire security company, having dealt with many residents looking to upgrade their security setups after suffering from multiple burglaries of their property. The risk of repeat burglaries is often overlooked – quite often because the owner of the property is too busy with insurance claims or repairing any damage to consider that the property could still be at risk. Here at Acclaimed Security, we offer a number of ways to protect your property from being targeted again. First of all, it’s important to understand some of the statistics associated with repeat burglaries, so that you can work out whether or not it’s worth investing in additional security…


Different sources offer different figures relating to the frequency of repeat burglaries. A 2006 survey by Victim Support found that one in four burgled properties was burgled again. A more recent government survey found that of the victims of burglary in 2012/2013, 14% were burgled multiple times.

Time period

Several studies have looked at the time course of repeat burglaries – in other words, how long after the initial theft do properties get targeted again? While the studies tend to focus on very specific areas and should not be applied to other areas as blanket rules, we can still look at these figures as rough guidelines for other parts of the country. Studies suggest that the risk of repeat burglaries is highest in the week after the initial theft, with 17% of targeted properties being burgled again within this time period (in a study of Merseyside non-residential properties). Between 33% and 50% of repeat burglaries occur within a month of the initial offence. Generally, the risk of repeat burglary decreases over time.

However, some studies have shown an increase in risk several months after the first burglary. This is because the contents of the property are likely to have been replaced through insurance claims by this stage. Furthermore, owners may have let their guard down months after an initial offence, perhaps thinking that the threat of being targeted again has passed.

Other types of repeat victimisation

What we’ve described above may be known as true repeat victimisation. However, there are several other crime effects that may occur as a result of a previous burglary. Near victims are properties or targets near the original property that may be similar in layout and contents. Virtual repeats are properties that are practically identical to the original property – for example, houses built in the same style or other branches of a chain of shops. The rate of repeat burglaries is also affected by nearby crime hotspots.

What can you do about it?

Given the statistics we’ve outlined above, it’s vital that you take immediate action to secure your property following a burglary. At Acclaimed Security, we can respond quickly to your security needs. Decide whether you want to go down the route of manned guarding, alarmed response or other security solutions. Ensure that whatever security solutions you choose to implement are visible so that they act as a deterrent to criminals as well as a defence. Furthermore, choose a local security company rather than a national one – they’ll have a better understanding of local crime hotspots and the ways in which your property will be at risk.

If you’re looking for a security company in West Yorkshire to protect your business against repeated burglaries, contact us now and we’ll be happy to discuss your security needs.

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