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Your security setup has served you well in the past, so it might be difficult to justify investing in entirely new technology or expanding your current system. However, simply because you haven’t been targeted in the past doesn’t mean that you won’t be targeted in future. If you have the time, the best thing to do is sit down and think about what kind of security you want in place for your business – it’s not just about CCTV any more. More reliable manned guarding is making a comeback, as are alarmed response systems which provide you with the privacy you need as well as a response when your security system is triggered. How can you be sure that your security setup and procedures are effective or not? If you find yourself nodding when you’re reading through these ten signs of outdated security systems, you might want to consider upgrading…

#1: Low-resolution cameras

If your security cameras can only provide you and the police with grainy, pixelated footage, it’s time to upgrade. These days higher definition cameras are reasonably affordable – consider at least upgrading a few of your cameras, particularly those that can be seen by passers-by on the street.

#2: Leaving your lights on

This outdated security tactic doesn’t fool burglars like it used to. If burglars are aware that you have some valuable property on your premises, they’ll be sure to watch it closely – and they’ll notice if the building isn’t occupied. Leave lights on timers, and set up other timers for occasional audio cues if you want to give a better impression that your property is occupied.

#3: Hiding your keys under the doormat

You should not only consider a more reliable key holding service than the underside of a doormat, but also whether you should continue to use traditional keys at all. Electronic keys or keypad entry systems are more likely to be secure.

#4: Decoy alarm boxes

Of course, a deterrent can go a long way, but if you’re using a decoy alarm box to give the impression that you have a full security system in place, you’re still relying on the fact that the burglars won’t be persistent. Are you really willing to take the risk?

#5: “Beware of the dog”

Whether it’s a decoy sign or you actually own a guard dog, the presence of a sign like this can imply that you don’t have any other security measures in place.

#6: You don’t trust your security guard

If you don’t have a good working relationship with your security guard, how can you be sure he’s doing his job well? Change your manned guarding system so that it takes advantage of the latest technology – making sure your guard ‘checks in’ at each point and varies their route.

#7: You don’t know if your security firm is SIA accredited

If you’ve stayed with the same security firm since before 2001, you might not be aware that there’s now an accreditation system in place for security firms. Check the SIA register  to find a security provider that’s SIA accredited.

#8: Exposed wires

Old alarm and CCTV systems are likely to have glaringly obvious exposed wires. One well-placed snip with wire cutters and your security system is completely deactivated. New systems have back-up power supplies and are much more difficult to tamper with.

#9: Rusted locks

This one speaks for itself. If your locks look like they’ve been there a while and haven’t been changed for thirty years, it doesn’t look good for the rest of your security…

#10: You’ve been the target of a theft before

If your business has been the victim of a burglary in the past, it’s likely to be targeted again if you haven’t upgraded your security.

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CCAS Registered Company
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