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A property without some form of security to protect it from trespassers or criminals is more or less unheard of these days, but that isn’t to say that people are comfortable with some of the security measures others take. You are unlikely to enter a shop or a company property that doesn’t have security cameras mounted on the wall or a security guard keeping watch. Even in most schools there are now cameras to monitor exactly who enters the building and the goings on within. While many will think this unnecessary, such security measures are likely to have only been introduced after an incident has occurred that has required action to be taken to help to deter and detect future crimes. However, despite the additional security cameras provide, many still believe it is an invasion of their privacy and a number would prefer to go without.

At Acclaimed Security, we understand the need for effective security solutions to ensure peace of mind and to protect your property, as well as the need our clients have for privacy, which is why we have ensured that our solutions are discreet and promise privacy wherever it is needed. With Acclaimed Security’s solutions, you needn’t sacrifice one for the other…

Manned guarding

Inviting a security guard onto your property can be rather daunting and feel like an invasion of your privacy. However, with our manned guarding services, you can feel comforted knowing that a specifically trained and fully-licensed security guard is on duty both while you are there and while you are away from your property without ever having them interfere with your daily routine. Our staff are experienced and trained to be discreet in what they do and need never even enter your property if you do not require them to, instead manning the exterior only. The addition of GuardSafe enables you to know that your manned guard is always alert and doing the job you are paying them for without having to constantly check up on them, giving them no reason at all to step over your boundaries just to reassure you they are still there.

Mobile patrol

What could be more discreet yet effective than an unmarked vehicle, staffed by specifically trained officers, patrolling your property while you get to work inside? Unless an incident were to occur, the officers need never set foot on your property, but simply ensure your business and property is kept secure in a dependable manner by monitoring the area. Our mobile patrol service can combine the benefits of either inconspicuous surveillance or high-visibility deterrence with immediate response capabilities, ensuring that your privacy is never invaded but that your property remains safe and secure all the same.

Key holding and alarmed response

Good security measures don’t have to include cameras in every corner or a guard at every turn, as long as you can rely on a team of experienced security professionals to be there as soon as your alarm is activated. At Acclaimed Security, our key holding service is designed for those instances when a property is left empty for any period of time when out-of-hours access might be required, whether planned or in a state of emergency. Combined with an alarmed response, this security solution will ensure that your property is secure and necessary security is available as and when it is needed to allow for privacy at all other times. It can be a difficult decision to make when trying to decide who to leave the keys to your property with for security reasons, especially when you are worried about your privacy, but you can rest assured knowing that your keys will be left with a team of experienced professionals at Acclaimed Security.

At Acclaimed Security, we do not believe that you need to sacrifice your privacy for security or security for privacy because with our innovative solutions, you can have both. If you would like more information on the services we can offer to business in the Leeds and Yorkshire area, please do not hesitate to get in touch today.

SIA Approved Contractor
Acclaimed Security Ltd holds SIA approved contractor scheme status for the provision of security guarding services and key holding.

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CCAS Registered Company
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