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At Acclaimed Security, we offer a range of security solutions to businesses situated in Leeds and the surrounding Yorkshire areas to ensure the safety of their property, but the security service our clients have come to favour and rely upon the most is mobile patrol. We employ a mobile fleet of both marked and unmarked vehicles equipped with recording equipment and staffed by specially trained officers that patrol the area to ensure businesses and properties are kept secure. Depending on the size of your property or its value, the security you need is likely to vary, but many find that mobile patrol is something a business of any size can benefit from. Here are just some of the advantages…


Our officers in marked vehicles are in uniform so that they are highly visible, and they are well known in the area. Constantly on the move, they act as an excellent deterrent, preventing people from approaching your property for fear of being spotted by a member of the mobile patrol team. Our unmarked vehicles are equally as good a deterrent as they make it unclear to criminals who they should be watching out for. If a business makes it known that they have an active mobile patrol in the area, they will significantly reduce the risk of a security breach.

Additional security

Mobile patrol is unlikely to be your only form of security; chances are you already have an alarm, cameras and possibly a manned guard in place, but mobile patrol is a great addition. The service works well when combined with Acclaimed Security’s key holding service. Should you be away from the property and an incident were to take place, mobile patrols could take action and access your property without force. It would also mean that wherever you were, you would be able to rely on the security measures you already have in place to do the task commissioned of them.

Immediate response

One of the key advantages of mobile patrol is that the service can provide an immediate response. In the event of an incident, additional security and assistance is likely to be only moments away with personnel able to reach the scene in virtually no time at all. Currently, your alarm might send for the police; with the addition of notification to a mobile patrol you’d increase the possibility of catching whoever is responsible for setting the alarm off without fear of wasting police time.


Many of our clients favour mobile patrol because it provides security without affecting privacy. For businesses owners preferring to keep the need to guard their property discreet, a manned guard is not always a good idea. However, with a mobile patrol in the area, they can still feel secure and reassured that should anything happen help is just around the corner. While cameras and guards can occasionally feel a little invasive, mobile patrols are situated outside of the building perimeter, providing security whilst still maintaining privacy.

At Acclaimed Security, we boast innovative and effective security solutions that are designed to ensure your peace of mind. Our services are flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs, so if you’re interested in finding out more about mobile patrol, or any of our other security services, contact the team today.

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Acclaimed Security Ltd holds SIA approved contractor scheme status for the provision of security guarding services and key holding.

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CCAS Registered Company
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