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A security company can provide you with alarms and cameras to protect your property whether you’re there or not. However, what would you do if a fire alarm sounded in your office in the dead of night and the emergency services needed access? Without a keyholder, you may find that your property will have to suffer its fate or risk having emergency services have no choice but to force access.

Whilst this is one such scenario, there are many others that are less extreme. For example, you may hire contractors who need access to your business; without knowing them well enough to entrust them with a key, how will they be let in without you being there? Of course, to make life easier and to relieve you of some of the responsibility, you could search for a keyholder you would be happy to leave your keys with. You ought to look for someone who is:


Naturally, if you cannot trust someone, you won’t be comfortable leaving the keys to your property with them. Even if an individual does turn out to be honest and reliable, you may find that you spend your time worrying about the fact you have left your keys with them. Find someone you have faith in, that you believe will take good care of your keys and your property while you are absent, and possibly who has proven that they are trustworthy in the past. Should your property’s alarm sound while you are away, would you trust your keyholder to investigate.


Can you rely on your keyholder to do their job properly? A keyholder must not simply take the keys and lock them away until you need them again. Instead, they must allow police or emergency services access to the property should they require it out of hours, and open and close the property for outsourced personnel. You must find someone that is reliable and willing to be of such service to you and whom you believe will also reflect the efficiency of your company well.


In the event of an emergency, your keyholder should be able to grant access to anyone who requires it as quickly as possible. This means that your keyholder should be efficient and well-organised in order to locate the keys and get to your property in no time at all. A friend who is trustworthy and reliable that you deemed a good person to leave your keys with may also sadly be quite unorganised and scatty, and could misplace your keys. Search for someone who is familiar with the job you have given them, organised, and who knows how to act in such an event.


While you might leave the keys to your house with a friend or neighbour, the keys to your business ought to be left with someone to whom it can become their top priority, and who understands the value of such responsibility. A professional who is familiar with the responsibility involved, and who has previous experience in keyholding would be ideal. When the relationship is strictly professional, the job can be too.

Acclaimed Security

At Acclaimed Security, we offer keyholding services to many of our clients in Leeds and West Yorkshire, holding them for the times when out of hours access is likely to be required. We typically combine our keyholding service with an alarmed response, in order to build an effective security package. We are reliable, trustworthy, organised and professional, so if you would like to benefit from our services, please get in touch today.

SIA Approved Contractor

Acclaimed Security Ltd holds SIA approved contractor scheme status for the provision of security guarding services and key holding.

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