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The security industry has come an incredibly long way in a very short space of time. After all, it was less than seventy years ago that George Orwell published his novel Nineteen Eighty Four imagining a future where digital surveillance was everywhere, and now many would argue that we’re living that future. The ethics of surveillance aside, technological progress has provided security companies such as Acclaimed Security with greater power and flexibility in the fight against thieves, but are we actually any better off than we were in the past? Are today’s digital technologies really more secure than the less sophisticated techniques of the past? Let’s travel through time for a comparison of security technologies: now and then…


Guard dogs versus CCTV monitoring

Guard dogs are still used today to help protect some businesses, but for the most part the practice has fallen out of favour. Dogs used to act as effective deterrents to potential thieves, and if criminals were brave (or stupid) enough to attack a property, they would be quickly chased off the premises or otherwise apprehended by the dogs. For numerous practical reasons, however, guard dogs have largely been replaced by CCTV monitoring systems instead. Today, the problem of getting the required insurance to keep dogs, training a handler to keep them controlled and ensuring that you remain legally compliant throughout can act as enough of a deterrent to put most businesses off. Despite this, guard dogs can act as more of a visual deterrent than CCTV in most instances; few would-be criminals will risk the chance of receiving a nip or bite.


Mechanical versus electric locks

In years gone by, mechanical locks with either keyed entry or numbered combinations acted as the only barrier between thieves and a company’s physical assets. Even the most sophisticated mechanical locks can be picked, broken, cut or otherwise compromised – it’s true today and it was true in the past. Over time, electric locks rose to prominence instead, and most businesses will now utilise an electronic keypad entry system through which employees and guests gain access to the premises. Of course, passcodes and keyphrases can be guessed or passed on, but they often remain safer than their antiquated mechanical counterparts. As with many technologies, the safest may not necessarily be one or the other, but both aspects used in conjunction with one another.


Manned guarding versus alarmed response

Some modern businesses lack the budget to keep a manned security guard on site at all times. For these businesses, the rise to prominence of alarmed response systems has acted as a godsend. Alarmed response systems alert security companies that a breach is in progress, allowing them to respond and apprehend the trespassers. Digital alarms are not infallible, however, and of course response times can vary. In this instance, the traditional manned guarding solution remains the most practical, secure means of protecting your property.


Foot patrols versus mobile patrols

The foot patrol remains a standard practice amongst many UK businesses, but large properties or companies with multiple sites would necessarily require multiple security guards in order to cover the additional distance. Needless to say, this comes at a cost. Many modern companies are benefitting from the influence of mobile patrols, which use vehicles to cover much more ground in a far shorter space of time than is possible on foot. While perhaps not as thorough as security guards conducting foot patrols, mobile patrols are often more expedient and more cost effective for those with large commercial properties today.


The addition of GuardSafe

Sometimes, the best security solutions involve combining new technologies with the traditional approaches that have served us well for decades. That’s what we’ve done with our GuardSafe system. GuardSafe is a digital service designed to keep security guards in the right place at the right time, ensuring that they complete their patrol routes as thoroughly and professionally as possible. Solutions such as these provide you with the kind of peace of mind it would be impossible to guarantee with traditional approaches to security alone.

Some technological developments have done little to improve upon the security techniques of the past, but others have combined with our traditional techniques in order to help keep your business and its assets safe. Why not take a look at our security services in more detail, or contact us to find out how you could benefit from combining modern technologies with tried and tested security protocols?

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