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When it comes to guaranteeing the security of your business and its assets, a little professional knowledge and application can go a long way. If you’re concerned that your company could be at risk from thieves, vandals, squatters and trespassers this year, our advice could help you to stay safe and secure in future. Take a look at our ten security Commandments and Seven Deadly Sins to keep your business more secure than ever before…

Ten Commandments

1. Trust in people – Your best weapon in the fight against thieves will always be a highly skilled, trained security guard.

2. Invest in security – The security of your business is not something you can guarantee on your own. A professional solution is vital to keep out the thieves.

3. Use a variety of methods – CCTV – provides a visible security presence and may catch details that guards can miss. If in doubt, use both.

4. Go local – A local security firm will know vital information – like crime statistics and hotspots – that others won’t.

5. Know your location – Knowing the crime figures of your area and the working hours of your neighbours will help you to select the most appropriate security solutions.

6. Trust in technology – The latest technology, like our Guardsafe tool, will help your business in the fight against thieves.

7. Choose experience – Experienced security providers will have the skills and knowledge to help you stay safe in future.

8. Consider health and safety– Security isn’t just about criminals. Accidents can be prevented with the help of a guard.

9. See to insurance – Adequate security can lower your insurance premiums, saving you money each year.

10. Act fast – Immediate response services can help to stop crimes while they’re in progress, preventing a dangerous or costly situation.

Seven Deadly Sins

1. Complacency – Don’t doubt the intentions and determination of thieves.

2. Passivity – Don’t fail to act before it’s too late, or else suffer the consequences.

3. Negligence – If the signs of an impending crime are staring you in the face, you need to have the presence of mind to act on them.

4. Luddism – Technology is your friend in the fight against business crime.

5. Ponderousness – A fast response time is crucial if intruders are to be stopped or apprehended.

6. Miscommunication – The ability to share information quickly and effectively could be the difference between a successful crime and a foiled theft.

7. Subtlety – Security isn’t something to be modest about. A visible presence acts as an effective deterrent to potential thieves.

Hopefully, our security Ten Commandments and Seven Deadly Sins will have given you a better idea of how to protect your business from criminals this year. Take a look at our full range of security services to keep your premises safe in future, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have more questions about security in Leeds and wider Yorkshire this year.

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Acclaimed Security Ltd holds SIA approved contractor scheme status for the provision of security guarding services and key holding.

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CCAS Registered Company
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