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In Yorkshire, the demand for the services a security company can provide has recently increased, as more and more businesses are being targeted by thieves. While many businesses tend to concern themselves with ensuring that their valuable data is safe from hackers, changing their computer passwords regularly and making sure their online network is secure, they often forget that it is also vital that they take the necessary precautions to prevent their business property from theft.

It is not only a company’s data that is valuable but the technological equipment that they use too, such as laptops, computers, printers and televisions, as well as any other furniture or vehicles they may have on site. By not securing their business property sufficiently, business owners are putting their company, and the safety of their staff, at risk. To protect your business property from theft, here’s what you should consider…

Security doors

The doors in and out of your property should be solid and heavy, with working locks and padlocks for extra security. While manned guarding can help to deter thieves from trespassing and stealing from your property, a door that looks difficult to get through requiring a key or code will help too. Security doors should always remain closed and locked, and should only be opened when someone with authorised access wishes to enter.


The windows of your building should not be cracked or worn in any way, and should all have secure locks, regardless of how high up they are. Metal bars can be a fantastic deterrent to thieves as they are quite impossible to get through in a short space of time, and are recommended for windows in vulnerable areas, such as the rear of the building. Having CCTV in place to monitor these areas in particular is a wise idea, as it can help to catch anyone who may have attempted to break in.


Here at Acclaimed Security, we cannot stress the importance of lighting up your property – we mention it often enough! Having flood flights highlighting the grounds and even leaving various lights on inside the building will put off intruders for fear of being seen. It can help to have vandal-proof lights in areas that are more likely to be targeted so that they cannot easily be smashed.

Alarm system

Every property should have an alarm system in place, which should be checked daily. Don’t try to install the alarm system yourself; it is always best to rely on a professional to ensure that it is installed properly and safely. The alarm should cover all doors and windows, and any area a trespasser is likely to enter. The alarm should detect any break-ins and deter them too, if you advertise the fact there is a system in place. At Acclaimed Security, our key holding and alarmed response services means that if you are not able to reach your property when the alarm sounds, we can get there for you quickly.

Key control

It is imperative that you monitor who comes in and out of your property, and who has means of access. You should always record who you have given a key or code to, and ensure that the keys are returned when the person no longer requires them. In the case of needing a code to enter the building, this should be changed regularly, and only given to a person face-to-face, not via email or over the telephone.
At Acclaimed Security, we will work with you to devise the most suitable security plan for your business, offering a wide range of services to help protect your property against thieves. All you need to do is drop us a line.

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Acclaimed Security Ltd holds SIA approved contractor scheme status for the provision of security guarding services and key holding.

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CCAS Registered Company
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