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While there are companies such as Acclaimed Security that can offer you unique and tailor-made systems, techniques and solutions to ensure your property is secure, there are certain things that you can also do to give yourself peace of mind and deter any potential threats. Although between 2011 and 2012 burglary rates decreased significantly, it was still estimated that last year, a burglary was committed every 40 seconds. Are you 100% confident that your premises are secure? Here are five of the greatest threats to your property; let’s see if your current security is up to scratch…

Poor visibility

Unsurprisingly, thieves like to work undercover, which is why around 56% of burglaries happen at night. If your property is poorly lit, hidden amongst trees or behind high walls, it will be viewed as an attractive target because it is unlikely the thief will be seen by anyone. Invest in an automated light that switches on when detecting sound or movement near the door or consider illuminating your grounds with solar lamps that light up when it begins to get dark.

Placing aesthetics over security

This mistake can often be made when a building is being designed or new security equipment is installed to be in keeping with the style of a house. One of the biggest deterrents to a thief is if they think they’re being watched, so there’s no point in installing devices that cannot be seen. If a potential thief notices the flash of an alarm or the camera on the side of the building, they are less likely to approach it.

Open windows

If your window is open, not only is it unlikely that your alarm (if you have one) is working properly or even turned on; it could also potentially give someone easy access into your property. A number of trespassers are disturbed the moment they break into a house because of the noise they create breaking through a window. Ensure the windows are shut in rooms that you are not using during the day and that all windows are shut at night. Whilst there may certainly be an excuse to keep windows open in a private residence overnight, few of those arguments will remain relevant for a commercial property.


Whilst it may be naturally expected that commercial properties will more likely be empty overnight or at weekends, it doesn’t always have to look the case. Consider using timers on lights and radios so that a potential thief can never be sure, and if a site is likely to remain unoccupied for a long period of time, it may be worth investing in manned guarding services or a regular mobile patrol. As well as helping to protect your possessions, such deterrents could also product innocent-meaning members of the public who could enter vacant premises ‘just to see’ – a potentially dangerous exercise when a building site or warehouse is the property in question!

Poor locks

Again, this can come down to choosing aesthetics over security. If you have an old-fashioned door that you wish to remain in keeping with the style of your property, you must remember that the locks will not be sufficient. As with most things, locks deteriorate with age and can become weakened. Older buildings are often targeted because of their lack of security due to old doors and windows. Keep your old door, but ensure the locks are changed, and make the change noticeable. Remember to review your security measures at least once a year with the assistance of a security company.

These are just a few threats to your property and suggestions as to how you can secure them in future. If you value your property and are keen to tighten security, Acclaimed Security can offer you a wealth of support and a range of innovative solutions to protect your business, from monitoring your CCTV and manned guarding to more advanced procedures. For more enquiries and advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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CCAS Registered Company
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