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When it comes to protecting your property, your assets and your staff, can you really put a price on security? With security comes peace of mind, a lower risk of threat and the opportunity to put your trust in professionals, but some business owners still question whether it’s worth the money. Of course, depending on how much security your property would demand, you could find that security can be quite costly; can you afford to take the risk of not having it when going without could cost your business so much more in the long run? Before dismissing incorporating a security system altogether, you should consider the potential cost of a security breach, and what damage it could do to your business…

Physical damage

The cost of repairing physical damage that could potentially be caused to your property in the event of a theft is likely to exceed that of putting a security system, such as manned guarding, in place. Depending on how large your property or the demand for whatever might be held inside it is, the damage could be quite substantial. Thieves and vandals rarely tidy up after themselves, so you will likely have to replace not only windows, doors and safes, but other furniture that may have been vandalised, too.

Emotional damage

The emotional damage caused by burglary or breaking and entering can be quite significant and is often one that may be overlooked. Regardless of whether members of staff or yourself were present at the time of the breach, it can be difficult to feel safe and secure in the same environment afterwards. In order to feel comfortable in your place of work or in the particular property the crime occurred, you might need to pay for counselling on top of the security system you would undoubtedly be putting in place. In some instances, you might even find you need to replace staff or take additional steps to bring in additional staff so that no member of your team is ever working alone.

Loss of property

Without a solid security system in place, any criminals or thieves could have free reign of your property. This means that they could access anything of value without fear of being caught at the time, and unless you have strict policies in place, sometimes there is no way of knowing exactly what has been taken until it’s too late – so you might not even be able to claim it on insurance. If equipment needed for the day-to-day running of your business has been stolen, you will need to find temporary replacements while you order new, permanent ones, which can have an impact on any projects you are involved in

Seeking proper protection

Of course, after you’ve experienced a breach to your property, you’ll then want to incorporate a professional security system, which is another cost on top of everything you’ve already had to pay out for. So, wouldn’t it make sense to just seek security solutions before any damage is caused? If you wait until after, it is likely you will be in a rush to protect your property, so will not take the time to ensure the security system you are putting in place is the best one for you. This could result in more money wasted further down the line.

At Acclaimed Security, we strongly believe that you cannot put a price on security and that it is not worth risking going without a solid security system. We offer a range of security services and solutions to suit your needs and aim to give you peace of mind and trust in our methods. To discuss in further detail why we think our services are worth the cost, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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Acclaimed Security Ltd holds SIA approved contractor scheme status for the provision of security guarding services and key holding.

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CCAS Registered Company
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