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Breaking and entering: the process of commercial theft

Theft from commercial properties is a common problem in Yorkshire and throughout the UK, with thieves often choosing to target businesses they know are likely to be left vacant overnight. As a Yorkshire security firm, it helps for us to understand the process of commercial theft in order to more effectively halt the practice, and of course it pays for you to recognise the tricks and techniques employed by burglars too. Take a look at the process of corporate theft in action; how do the thieves gain entry to your property, and more pertinently, how can you stop them in future?

‘Casing’ & preparation

While some instances of corporate theft will be spur-of-the-moment, random attacks, the majority are more likely to follow a little more planning on the thieves’ part. Before they attempt a burglary, most thieves will ‘case’ your commercial property in order to determine your existing security measures, what valuables might be on site and how best to gain entry to your property. It’s possible to stop a potential theft even at this early stage, as the presence of visible security systems such as manned guarding and CCTV monitoring can be enough to act as a deterrent. If your security is deemed to be insufficient, however, the thieves will be encouraged to come back another night. Changes to properties around yours can influence how potential thieves view your property; for example, a vacant property beside you that was once occupied may provide ideal cover or an entry point that makes you look like a more attractive target.

Finding a way in

There are three main ways in which thieves will look to gain entry to your property: over, under or through. Exterior walls can easily be scaled with the help of ladders or vans, while chain link fences can be cut with wire cutters or scrambled under with relative ease. Unsecured doors and windows will present easy access points for determined thieves, and unless your security systems are doing the job of stopping them from gaining entry, burglars will have no qualms about smashing their way in to get what they came for.

Taking what they can

Once they’re inside, many thieves can often take as much time as they need to load up on your company’s valuables. You can expect that practically anything that hasn’t been nailed down will be gone by the time you arrive the next morning, while even sensitive text or digital data can be targeted by thieves. If the thieves haven’t been apprehended by now then they’re unlikely to be caught at all, so vans or cars parked outside will soon be loaded up with whatever valuables they can carry. If a thief finds their way into your property and can open up a door from the inside to a passer-by they may look as though they belong there when they move your valuable contents to a waiting van outside.

After a burglary

The morning after a burglary will see business owners take stock of the damage caused by commercial theft. Your property will almost certainly have been damaged in the process of theft, and doors, windows and gates will need to be repaired before work can resume once more. Calls to the police and to insurance companies will likely be the first port of call, and if a particularly large theft has taken place then trade may even have to cease until equipment is recovered or replaced once more. It’s likely that the costs of a theft will be severe even with insurance to help, and of course there is no guarantee that your stolen property will be recovered or the thieves apprehended. CCTV monitoring is often not enough to guarantee a conviction on its own, so you may find that the thieves are able to escape justice after all – which is why it is so essential to ensure you have people guarding your premises that you can trust.

In order to circumvent the unwanted attention of thieves, it’s important to invest in the right security methods to let them know that they won’t get away without being caught. Manned guarding, mobile patrols and our other Yorkshire security services will help to keep your business safe this year, so contact us to find out how we can help.

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