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By now, we are so used to seeing security cameras in the corner of every lobby, lift, street and train that we assume constant surveillance is all the security it takes to protect our property and safety. What we forget, however, is that behind every camera there is a man, guarding the screen and watching. Whilst once you may have thought it impossible to be in two places at once, the ability to use machines to guard multiple locations simultaneously has given man the ability to have eyes and ears everywhere. We know the two work well together; for years one has helped to develop the other – but can they work as well separately? At Acclaimed Security, we offer a range of services from manned guarding to CCTV monitoring and believe man and machine work extremely effectively together, but let us examine why…


An effective security system will help to prevent an incident from occurring, rather than just notifying the owner when it has happened. Of course, if a camera has successfully picked up a clear picture of crime, the likelihood of a conviction is increased, but by that point the damage to your property will likely have already been caused. A better method would be for a camera to act as a seeing eye for a security guard who is ready to take action. As we mentioned before, when using multiple cameras, a security guard can keep watch over multiple locations, so rather than find themselves in an inconvenient place when needed elsewhere, they can remain in one central spot. This way, it is more likely that they will be able to reach the incident before it is over.


Using the same method of CCTV monitoring can also help to better protect not only your property but yours and your security guard’s safety. By seeing the incident that is about to take place from the safety of a video screen first, the security guard can assess the situation before deciding on what action to take. For example, if the guard observes that the situation is of a potentially dangerous nature, they can warn you and call for further backup before arriving at the scene.


Both man and machine can act separately as a deterrent to a potential criminal. Seeing a camera will alert the criminal that they are being filmed, whilst seeing a man will let them know that they are being watched. In order to get the effect of both, monitored CCTV cameras will be mounted near signs warning that they are being watched. That way, the criminal will know that not only is their crime being filmed, but that somebody is watching them at that very moment. The two together act as the greatest deterrent of all.


While man and machine can both give evidence against a crime that may have been committed on a property apart, they can make a stronger case combined. Camera angles, context and occasionally lack of sound can all work in favour of a criminal in court, but with additional evidence from the security guard who kept a close eye on the situation, the criminal’s chances of walking away Scot free will certainly decrease!

Evidently, man and machine work exceptionally well together and it isn’t a case of one method versus the other, it’s about utilising both resources to create the ultimate security system. On the Acclaimed Security website, you’ll find details on all of our security services and can decide for yourself which method you think will best suit your situation. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, should you require any further information.

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Acclaimed Security Ltd holds SIA approved contractor scheme status for the provision of security guarding services and key holding.

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CCAS Registered Company
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