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Manned guarding is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your property is safe and secure. A specially trained, uniformed guard on site and in clear visibility at all times acts as a deterrent to illegal and inappropriate actions. Naturally, most security firms will assure you that the security guards they send to guard your property will only be fully-trained and experienced staff who are dedicated to their job. Whilst we have no doubt that that’s often true, how can you be sure that those you’re paying to patrol your property are putting that expertise to good use – and not using their time to read a book or catch up on sleep? Luckily, we’ve developed a way of ensuring the guards we hire remain alert and engaged with the task at hand – read on to find out more about our uniquely-engineered GuardSafe…

What is it?

GuardSafe is a piece of simple and reliable technology in the form a small box that can be placed on various patrol points around your property. As your guard passes each box, they check in – allowing us to monitor that your guards are where they should be, and giving you the peace of mind that they’re doing exactly what they’re being paid for throughout their entire shift, and that nothing has gone wrong.

How does it work?

We issue our security guards with a mobile phone used to activate the sensors mounted at the various boxes around your property. When a guard patrols in a designated route, activating each sensor in order triggers a display of a random six-digit code to appear. This is then sent back to our central monitoring station. If a guard reaches the next GuardSafe too quickly or too slowly, their code will not be accepted, and they’ll have to repeat the patrol to ensure it is done properly.

What happens if they don’t send the code?

If a guard does not send the code to the company’s central monitoring station, they will be called immediately to confirm their whereabouts. Whilst this can indicate if any of our guards are not performing their duties sufficiently, it also acts as a remarkably efficient warning system. If anyone or anything has interrupted their patrol, we’ll be able to find out within minutes.

What’s it for?

We find our clients like GuardSafe for three major reasons. The first of these is that, unlike other companies offering manned guarding, it allows you to be sure that those patrolling your property are always alert and delivering the security you need.  In addition to this, security guards are kept alert throughout the duration of a long shift. Thirdly, and arguably most importantly, because the system is backed up by a call from a response team to check if any help may be needed, there’s the facility to act fast in the event of an emergency. Even if a guard is under threat from a criminal, when we call them, they can use specific codes in their speech to let us know if anything is wrong. For example, they might say ‘All fine’ to indicate that there aren’t any problems, but ‘All okay’ might suggest that things aren’t as they seem. 

Does it actually work?

Absolutely! The system many security systems had in place before GuardSafe consisted of one barcode placed at each patrol point that guards had to scan every time they passed. Soon, many guards (and criminals!) worked out that gaming the system could be as easy as tracing the barcodes and scanning them from one location. Because GuardSafe displays a different code every time, it would be impossible to outwit – especially when it’s combined with our check-up calls. In fact, GuardSafe is yet to be outwitted.

How can I get it?

GuardSafe comes free with our manned guard services, so if you would like us to provide you with security and the comfort of knowing your guard is where they should be, get in touch with us today.

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