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In many ways, effective site security is about trust. You need to trust that the technology you have in place and the security staff you’ve hired to protect your property are performing their jobs appropriately and properly. When you have valuable assets to protect and a business to run, however, it can be something of a leap of faith. Once a security provider has earned your trust, it’s pretty easy to become complacent. If your security systems have worked well for you in the past then you may just assume that they’ll continue to do so long into the future – but could this trust be misplaced? Where site security is concerned it’s always better to err on the side of caution, and here’s why…

Technology develops

As we all well know, technology is not an entity that likes to stand still. Not so very long ago, CCTV monitoring was a relative rarity in the UK, but now it is ubiquitous. Not long before that, electronic alarms were scarcely used and bulky, mechanical locks or security dogs would have been all that stood between potential thieves and your business. Even recently, however, security technologies have gone through a process of evolution and revolution. How long ago did you commit to your current security provider? Two years? Five years? Ten? In that time some of the security technologies you depend on will have become defunct, while other, better solutions may have emerged in their place. Our Guard Safe system, for example, is still relatively new on the scene.

Circumstances change

When you opted for your current site security package, your business may have been in a very different situation to the one it finds itself in today. Companies grow over time, they relocate and they change focus; any of these variables could have a significant impact on the security of your business. A larger company, for example, may have more valuable assets that need protecting while a business that has relocated some of its workforce to a new site may be left vacant for large periods of time. Could your company now be at greater risk from thieves than when you first invested in security? It would be awful to think that your trust in your current security provider was misplaced.

Environments change

If your business is liable to change over time, so too is the working environment around which you’re located. The adjacent properties to your premises may become vacated or occupied over time, while neighbourhoods can spring up out of nowhere and crime figures can fluctuate wildly. Almost overnight, it seems, a previously safe area can become a hotspot for crime. Could there be more thieves operating in your area than before? Could buildings that were previously occupied by overnight workers now stand vacant in the evenings? The answers to these questions will very often determine whether or not you need additional site security or whether you’re ok to trust what you already have.

The point we’re making is that site security isn’t a one-and-done process – it needs to evolve as your business and other external factors change over time. You need to re-evaluate your site security frequently to ensure that you’re still receiving adequate protection from thieves, vandals and squatters, so if your site security is long overdue a health check, why not contact us today and see how we can help.

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