Manned Guarding

tkkkmanned guarding services ensure a specifically trained and fully-licensed security guard is on your property and on guard for the entirety of their shift.

With manned guarding, we can offer a very unique and flexible service. We support clients who only need a guard on special events or through one shift a week, right up to those who require security support for regular or long-term periods. Our staff are trained and experienced, giving them the knowledge of how to handle all potential situations.

Manned Guarding Roles

Security is not always a case of guarding against theft or people who wish to do harm. Sometimes a manned guard can help to ensure health and safety compliance, such as by preventing children from entering building sites. A guard may be necessary for reasons as varied as security or insurance compliance; with our many years of experience, we are familiar with working in a range of different roles and niches.


We know that it’s important for you to know that your guard is always alert. With our specially-engineered and never-beaten technology, Guardsafe, you can be certain that you will always receive the security and attention you are paying for. Find out more about how this is possible on the GuardSafe page.