What Is GuardSafe?

GuardSafe is a unique tool which gives us the ability to know that a guard is on site, within seconds. Basically, the premise of the GuardSafe tool is that a box is fitted to the wall of the premises and has a number displayed on the screen.

This number is random and is made up from the time, date and site number. To verify that a guard is where he should be, when he should be, he is asked to get in contact with the control room and enter the code that is displayed.

How GuardSafe works for you!

The 4 patrol routes are designated around the parimiter. Each patrol route is timed and 4 minutes are added to each, if the duration between each GuardSafe box is rushed or shorter than the designated time the system will reject it and ask the guard to repeat the patrol. When the patrol is completed the system will log route and then any repeat of the same patrol cannot be performed as it will be rejected to ensure maximum security with unpredictable patrol patterns. Areas of a sensity nature can have GuardSafe Points fitted to ensure items are checked regularly, for example the emergency generator is indicating ready Any item or point of concern, that would benefit from a regular check can be included.

Let us provide your security now and you’ll get GuardSafe for free, for life.

Guardsafe Diagram Leeds